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Quantum Computing – how safe is your data ?

While Quantum Technology has brought many advances in scientific and medical research, the legal stakes for clients need to be thoroughly understood.

Quantum Computing brings about a number of data security issues and we outline a few below:

  • GDPR – Quantum Computing will bring challenges to cybersecurity as it could allow the break up of crytography, de-anonymize personal data and bring about data security breaches
  • Information security – the Quantum principles applied to computers generate a new generation of computers which are more powerful than today’s most advanced computer. This increases the potential for hacking
  • Quantum scientists explain that physical rules at the sub-atomic level are not the same as at our level of reality, and they are often very odd

It is therefore critical for IT lawyers to be aware of the latest developments in this field and understand the legal stakes for their clients.

Gilles Rouvier presented at the ITech Law 2019 World Technology Law Conference.


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